2020 Porterfield Country Music Festival

2020 Porterfield Country Music Festival

Thursday June 18 – Friday June 19 – Saturday June 20 – Sunday 21

The Porterfield Committee is moving forward with the festival. We have been in contact with the Marinette County Health Department. They were pleased with the precautions being taken by Porterfield to keep patrons safe. I have attached a schedule and safety sheet below. I also attached our updated commercial. We want to thank you all so very much for your support. Porterfield would like to show their appreciation also by letting all ticket holders bring a guest, a frontline worker. That includes all hospitals and any healthcare workers, (kitchen, housekeeping, CNA, RN, Doctors ect..) Police officers and staff, Fire department and volunteer fire department. All they need is their badge and someone that has a ticket. They will get in for the weekend.


Ticket pricing

  • Before 2/1/20...........$110
  • Before 5/1/20...........$115
  • Before 6/1/20...........$120
  • After 6/1/20...........$125
  • All Daily Prices...........$65

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